What is a Cyber Security Engineer?

        There has been an increasing shift towards more and more online and digital transactions over the last ten years and this has led to a greater need for cyber security to protect sensitive data. A cyber security engineer protects a business’ computer and network systems from cyber-attacks, hackers or viruses. In order to do this successfully, cyber security engineers need to have a good knowledge of their company’s technology infrastructures to effectively use Firewalls, safeguard VPN, prevent data loss, IDS/IPS, web-proxy and conduct security audits. They constantly adapt and learn new techniques to protect a company’s sensitive data as cyber criminals are constantly developing new hacking techniques.

        What Kind of Skills do Cyber Security Engineers Need?

        The specific skills that cyber security engineers require can vary depending on what kind of computer and network systems a company is using. Most will have a broad understanding of the majority of programming languages and network systems from a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, IT, systems engineering or a related field. There has been a growing trend towards hiring cyber security engineers with bachelor’s degrees over those who do not have degrees but have experience.

        What Hard Skills do Cyber Security Engineers Need?

        Cyber security engineers need to have a wide range of hard and soft skills. These hard skills include:

        • Experience with Firewalls (functionality and maintenance)
        • Office 365 security or VSX and Endpoint security
        • Familiarity with Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node, Go and/or Power Shell

        Cyber Security Engineer Qualifications

        There are also a wide range of qualifications that cyber security engineers can obtain, these include:

        • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
        • Certified Ethical Hacking
        • Any security-related GIAC certification

        Cyber Security Engineer Soft Skills

        Cyber security engineers require a varied set of soft skills to provide effective security for a company’s networks:

        • Strong attention to detail
        • Analytical mindset
        • Ability to work under pressure to meet tight deadlines
        • Ability to multitask
        • Problem-solving skills
        • Inquisitive mind – they need to be interested in exploring the latest cyber security hacking trends and techniques

        What Industries do Cyber Security Engineers Work In?

        As society becomes increasingly digitally focused, many industries are investing more in cyber security measures. This has led to an increase in demand for cyber security engineers in the following industries:

        • Banking and finance
        • Education
        • Online retail
        • Healthcare

        Cyber Security Engineer Salaries UK

        As the industry is so new it is hard to quantify salary levels. It is changing rapidly, and there is a shortage of candidates for positions. This has meant that salaries can vary widely, from £50,000-£60,000 to £100,000+.

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