What is a QA Tester?

        QA (Quality Assurance”) Tester. QA testers usually assess the quality of new software products, checking for defects or bugs. They do this by running tests to ensure it meets high standards and guidelines to then be marketed to consumers. In order to do this, QA testers run debugging programmes, generate reports, and liaise with the software developers to fix any issues or create upgrades as needed.

        What Kind of Skills do QA Testers Need?

        As QA testers need to assess the functionality of software they need to be very technologically knowledgeable. They usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT, software engineering or a related subject. They will also need to have particular hard and soft skills in order to perform their role.

        What Hard Skills do QA Testers Need?

        QA testers need to have a level of technical proficiency in order to know when there is an issue with the software. This usually requires them to have the following hard skills and experience:

        • Good knowledge of programming language like Python, JavaScript etc.
        • Good understanding of SQL overflow
        • Familiar with ticketing software and database management systems
        • Good knowledge of defect management tools, such as Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) and JIRA

        QA Tester Soft Skills

        QA testers need to be very good communicators so they can liaise with the development team to get bugs or issues fixed. They need to be able to explain the problem using technical and specific language, and they also need to be able to understand the technicalities of the solution. They also need to be:

        • Analytically minded
        • Have an eye for detail
        • Ability to multitask
        • Good teamwork skills
        • Ability to manage a project

        QA Tester Qualifications

        While not always required, there are many certifications QA testers can gain that can help advance their careers, these are often issued by professional bodies or specific testing software manufacturers like the ISTOB.

        What Kind of Industries do QA Testers Work In?

        As QA testers test and assess the quality of software they tend to work in software development within industries like gaming, security, retail, finance and banking, etc.

        QA Tester Salaries UK

        The average salary for a QA tester in the UK is between £35k up to £70-80k if you have a particular specialisation and are able to do automation.

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