What is a Project Manager?

        A project manager oversees and is responsible for all aspects of a project from conception to completion. In order to do this they need to understand the specific scope, schedule, budget, risk factors, quality expectations and resources available for any given project to make sure it is delivered on time and within budget. This involves a significant amount of task division and delegation, quality control and flexibility. Most project managers possess exceptional leadership skills and are able to manage a team effectively to ensure all contributions to a project are delivered on time and to the appropriate standard.

        What Kind of Skills do Project Managers Need?

        As project management is a role that is frequently employed in a wide range of industries, it’s difficult to pin point the specific technical knowledge that they would need, as a project manager delivering software development projects would have a very different set of expertise than a project manager responsible for delivering  a systems implementation. However, most project managers possess similar education and experience levels. Most have a bachelor’s degree, and many possess a master’s; most project managers will have at least three years’ experience in their chosen field or industry.

        What Hard Skills do Project Managers Need?

        Project managers will need to have a very specific set of hard skills that compliment their chosen industry or field. For example, a project manager for a tech firm might need to have an understanding of AWS and the associative plugins and microservices in order to deliver a website project.

        Project Manager Soft Skills

        The soft skills that a project manager will need to help them best manage and motivate a team include:

        • Effective planning skills
        • Good communication skills
        • A good sense of responsibility
        • An eye for detail
        • Being results driven
        • Good decision making and problem-solving skills

        What are the Different Project Manager Roles?

        As technology advances in every area of society, the scope and nature of project management has expanded greatly. There are entirely new industries that now require project managers to oversee development and delivery. This means that there are now several different types of project manager that are either industry-specific or at different levels of expertise or seniority. Some examples include:

        Technical Project Manager:

        A technical project manager is typically a position of seniority within a company. They are usually one of the most knowledgeable people in an organisation about any technology requirements and future initiatives and are tasked with delivering the desired outcome by overseeing the project. Like a project manager, a technical project manager organises the overall task division and oversees deliverables and quality control.

        Digital Project Manager:

        A digital project manager is typically in charge of overseeing and delivering a digital or online project.

        Project Manager Salaries UK

        Although it can vary from industry to industry, project managers tend to earn between £40,000 – £50,000. If you are working in high end areas of tech then you can earn significantly more, with salaries up to £95-100k if you are able to handle multiple, highly technical, projects

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