What is a Product Designer?

        What a Product Designer is and does can vary from company to company. It is an ever-evolving discipline requiring multiple skill sets. To give a rough idea though, a Product Designer draws on their past experiences, research, and knowledge to design a product with the best possible experience for the end user, as well as considering the business goals of the company.

        Typically, a Product Designer will complete two-week design sprints, and depending on the size and scope of the project, will complete the below

        • Identifying the opportunity for a new product
        • Researching market and customer needs
        • Concepting the idea
        • Experience design: user research, UX flows, wireframes, prototyping, testing, etc.
        • Visual interface design: colour palette, branding, general visual aesthetics
        • Interaction design: hi-fidelity prototyping, menus, general functionality
        • Quality assurance of build, further testing, etc.

        What Skills Does a Product Designer Need?

        Given the rise in technology and increasingly sophisticated design software, this has become a very tech-savvy role and candidates will need to have a wide range of hard skills to be successful in their application.

        Technical Skills For Product Designers Include:

        • UX/UI Design
        • Commercial awareness
        • Design tools
        • Basic tech acumen
        • Copywriting

        Many of these skills can be gained through University degrees, bootcamps, or learning on the job. There are also many desirable soft skills for Product Designers that many recruiters will look for as well:

        • Time management
        • Attention to detail
        • Creative problem solving
        • Adaptability
        • Communication
        • Analytical
        • Empathy

        What are the Different Product Designer Jobs Available?

        It is worth noting that that none of these are set in stone and can vary from company to company. In some instances, a junior may be doing what a mid- or senior-level Product Designer does. On rare occasions you may even see a senior doing the work of a junior.

        Junior Product Designer – assists the more senior product designers in the creation of the designs. Exposure across the design cycle will vary from company to company, and often are more focused on one area at time where they can really hone their skills

        Mid Product Designer – will be more involved in the complete design process. They will tackle larger chunks of the project, attend workshops and maybe run one yourself.

        Senior Product Designer – will tackle the majority of the projects, or maybe complete it all themselves. By this stage they have a whole host of knowledge from their past experiences, and so will use it along with their tools to validate their design decisions, and sometimes pass this down to more junior and mid-level product designers through mentorship

        Lead Product Designer – lead the design process and are still very much hands on. While they will do a lot of the same work as a senior, they will also take on the responsibility of allocating projects to designers, coordinating sprints in tandem with project managers, and ensuring that the whole team is on track whilst meeting deadlines.

        What are the Salary Expectations for a Product Designer?

        Salaries can really vary depending on the size of the company and design team

        Junior Product Designer – up to £35k

        Mid Product Designer – up to £55-60k

        Senior Product Designer – up to £65-70k

        Lead Product Designer – £70k plus

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