What is a Machine Learning Engineer?

        A machine learning engineer role focuses on programming computers to perform special tasks that reduce the need for human input or control. It is very similar to artificial intelligence and serves to understand and mimic how people interact with technology; their experiences and their perception. An example of a programme developed by machine learning engineers would be the technology that operates a self-driving car.  In-depth knowledge of computer programming is vital.

        How is Machine Learning Used in Business?

        Machine learning is being used by businesses in several different ways, the most notable being Facebook’s use of data mining to help predict customer behaviour which has led to the rise in the notorious ‘cookies’. Other familiar services include spam filters from email servers, facial recognition, and search engines.

        What Skills Do You Need to be a Machine Learning Engineer?

        In many instances a pre-requisite to a career in machine learning would be a masters or doctoral degree in a discipline such as mathematics or computer science. Many come from a background in software engineering. Other hard skills often required include:

        • Languages: Expert knowledge of Python, R, or C/C++ development
        • Linear algebra: Multi-dimensional matrices
        • Differential calculus: deep learning
        • ML frameworks: Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch

        Machine Learning Soft Skills Include:

        • Dedication:it can take a while to understand the complex maths behind an algorithm, but dedication will help you reach your end goal
        • Adaptability: if your initial theories don’t work out you need to be able to adapt the code or the mathematics

        Different Types of Machine Learning Jobs:

        Machine learning scientist – Machine learning scientists are often confused with machine learning engineers, but there is a distinction to be made between the two roles. A machine learning engineer builds data pipelines and machine learning infrastructure, a machine learning scientist is someone who researches new approaches or even completely new algorithms.

        Machine learning architect – Machine learning architects also have a very distinct role from machine learning engineers, machine learning architects design and develop the large-scale systems that enable machine learning.

        AI engineer – an AI engineer locates where businesses could be using AI and implement strategy and technology accordingly. This is largely for commercial development.

        What Industries Do Machine Learning Engineers Work in? (H2)

        There are currently many industries that are heavily investing in machine learning, including:

        • Healthcare Industry
        • Financial Services
        • Retail
        • Automotive
        • Government
        • Transport
        • Fuel

        Salary Expectations for Machine Learning Engineer:

        Machine learning engineers in the UK can expect to earn between: £45,000 and £100,000, although in some sectors you may be able to achieve even more (particularly in the financial sector).

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