What is an iOS Developer?

        An iOS developer designs and builds apps for Apple (iOS) software. This involves coding, fixing bugs, running quality control checks and running updates to the applications. They also focus on user experience and even supporting and developing existing platforms. Their skills are both technical and creative as they are behind the coding that makes determines the functionality of the app and the creative design and layout that attracts the customer to interact with their services.

        What Skills Do iOS Developers Need?

        Many of the hard and soft skills an iOS developer needs are similar to those of any mobile developer, but there are also some Apple-specific requirements too.

        General iOS Developer Hard Skills:

        • Ideally a degree at bachelor’s level in computer science, software development or a related field, but increasingly most companies do not care about this and are more interested in projects you have worked on and apps you have published on the app store
        • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs
        • Familiarity with OOP design principles
        • User Experience (UX) Design – UX design is a skill all mobile developers need to learn, it’s the key to creating a successful product. If you can design an app that has an easy and cohesive user experience built in, then the app will perform better and make more ROI. A poorly designed app with a difficult to use interface will be deleted from a customer’s phone very quickly. The main skills that determine good UX design include:
          • Easy navigation and user flows
          • Understanding consumer profiles
          • Wireframing
          • User Interface (UI) design – this is what makes the app visually attractive to the user, draws them in to use the interface and individual features. Clean yet dynamic UI design needs to be relevant, visually impactful, relevant and efficient.

        Apple-specific skills:

        • Knowledge of either Swift or Objective-C
        • Understanding of Grand Central Dispatch (GCD)
        • Good understanding of Apple’s XcodeIDE

        There also a wide range of apple-specific certificates and qualifications that would be useful to a career in iOS development such as:

        • Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)
        • Apple Certified Associate (ACA)
        • MAC Support Essentials

        General iOS Developer Soft Skills:

        • Problem solving
        • Project management
        • Strategic planning
        • Multitasking abilities
        • Creativity
        • Empathy and imagination

        What Different Types of iOS Developer Jobs Are There?

        A general iOS developer career path would follow the progression from Junior iOS developer to iOS developer through to senior iOS developer as they gain more experience or qualifications. Employers are more likely to promote iOS developers who have pursued extra qualifications in the field as it shows initiative, drive and commitment.

        Salary Expectations for iOS Developers:

        In the UK, iOS developers can expect to make between: £35,000 – £90,000, and potentially more for a Lead.

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