What is an Engineering Manager?

        An engineering manager is in charge of managing an development team (which will often be cross-functional and encompass different technical disciplines and engineers), ensuring all requirements are fulfilled up to high safety and professional standards. Any issues that arise during a project are solved by the engineering manager. Through their extensive experience they ensure the smooth running and collaborative effort of the entire team to meat budgets and time frames accordingly. Being an engineering manager means you code less than an engineer, it also involves mentoring junior staff.

        What Kind of Skills do Engineering Managers Need?

        Hard Skills:

        • Ideally a Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences or a relevant field, but companies are increasingly not looking at this and instead are more interested in your experience managing tech teams and how you get the best out of them
        • 6+ years of working experience of development experience in tech as an engineer (the discipline doesn’t matter – it could be frontend, backend, devops etc)
        • A broad technical understanding and ability to manage and work with engineers across multiple tech disciplines

        Soft Skills:

        • Strong written and verbal communication skills
        • Project management
        • Team workand collaboration skills
        • High organisation skills
        • Adaptability
        • Highly motivated
        • Decision making
        • Delegation

        How to Be a Good Engineering Manager:

        In order to be a good engineering manager you need to make sure all of you actions and calculations are in line with the company’s brand vision. This can be tricky if you are managing a large team as it means keeping lots of people’s output in line with the company’s vision and yearly projections. Being able to clearly define that brand vision to your team and assign tasks and delegate accordingly will aid you greatly in achieving this and being a successful engineering manager.

        Different Types of Engineering Manager Jobs:

        Engineering Manager – a engineering manager will lead a team that creates, tests and develops new products. They are focused on efficiency and time saving, looking for innovative ways to complete projects.

        Senior Engineering Manager – A Senior Engineering Manager will either manage a big development team (typically 15+) or manage other engineer managers and report to a VP of Engineering type role. In this case they will be responsible for their engineering managers all delivering the various sections of the product they are managing on time and on budget. They will also be responsible for setting hiring objectives.

        Software engineering manager – software engineering managers will oversee the development and design of software applications. They lead a team of software engineers to create a streamlined and attractive project that has good UX foundations.

        What Industries do Engineering Managers Work In?

        • Healthcare
        • Pharmaceuticals
        • Retail
        • Food
        • Technology
        • Architecture

        Salary Expectations for Engineering Managers:

        Engineering managers in the UK can expect to earn between £75,000 – 120,000 although some companies will pay more depending on the size of the teams you are managing.

        • Engineering Manager – Adtech- London

          • Salary up to £110k + excellent benefits
          • Location London
          • Job typePermanent
          • SectorEngineering Manager Tech Lead
          Engineering Manager - Adtech- London Engineering Manager with experience in working in an agile environment with continuous integration tools like Github is required by one of the largest independent holder of search data who is using...
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        • Engineering Manager – Python

          • Salary £65,000 to £90,000
          • Location London
          • Job typePermanent
          • SectorEngineering Manager Python Developer
          A leading Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence company are looking for an Engineering Manager. They are a research-led firm, and use their advanced AI system to help companies unlock their qualitative data far quicker and far mor...
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