What is a VP Engineering or Engineering Director?

        An engineering director or VP leads the in-house engineering department. They are also at the forefront of development in terms of reliability engineering and process automation. They support the site’s software and development projects on a daily basis. They oversea staff and actively help with personal development or support. They have budgetary responsibilities and foster relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

        What Skills do Engineering Directors and VPs Need?

        Engineering Directors and VPs are fairly senior roles and require a high level of education and experience. They have to be very knowledgeable in technology whilst also having good people skills to facilitate team projects. Employers are generally looking for the following hard and soft skills:

        Hard Skills for Engineering Directors:

        • Ideally a Bachelors’ degree in computer sciences or a relevant field, although companies increasingly don’t look at this and are more interested in your technical experience and teams you have managed and led
        • 10 years of working experience in a senior development or engineering department
        • Broad technical background and ability to manage and run cross-functional tech teams across the tech stack

        Soft Skills for Engineering Directors:

        • Strong written and verbal communication skills will facilitate the streamlined organisation of the whole team.
        • Project management is a very important skill to have as you will be dealing with a team of people and the more organised they can be the more streamlined the whole operation will be.
        • Team work and collaboration skills
        • High level of organisational skills
        • Adaptability is a key skill as when working with technical equipment on site you need to be ready for any number of troubleshooting requirements.
        • Highly motivated
        • Decision making will help streamline those high-pressured situations when something goes wrong or a decision about technology needs to be made quickly.
        • Delegation is important as it will give you the freedom to focus on the big-picture aspects of a project and give your team members the opportunity to develop their skills.

        Director Engineer Salary:

        In the UK, starting salaries for engineering directors and VPs can range between £90,000 for small startups rising to £150,000+ for those with larger funding. For global multinationals, this increases further when equity and stock options are included.

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