What is a DevOps Engineer?

        DevOps stands for a set of practices aimed to improve the collaboration and communication between development and IT departments.  DevOps engineers aim to oversee the testing and deployment of code by automating and streamlining processes in order to achieve greater efficiency for a business. The term first gained traction at the DevOpsdays Ghent 2009 event and was adapted from the agile methodology to software development.

        What Skills do DevOps Engineers Need?

        Since DevOps aim to improve communication between IT and development, both technical and soft skills are necessary to create an effective workflow environment. A degree in computer science or engineering, as well as certificates in the some of the management tools you will use may be necessary, depending on the employer.

        DevOps Engineer Coding Tools & Skills

        • OS Administration – Linux, Windows.
        • Coding languages – PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Java, C++
        • Cloud services – AWS, Google Cloud & Azure
        • IT monitoring and management tools – Cloudflare, Datadog.
        • Automation and management DevOps tools: Git/Github, Jenkins, Docker, Selenium, Ansible, Nagios, Kubernete.

        Soft Skills for DevOps Engineers

        Soft skills such as empathy and communication are also key for DevOps Engineers. In order for both departments to coordinate effectively, being able to assert yourself and listen to other team members will be essential in solving issues.

        The Different Types of DevOps Job Roles

        DevOps Evangelist – a DevOps evangelist is a person who will come into a business to ramp up their understanding and implementation of DevOps, why it will work for their business and how to train their staff in IT and development to be compliant with each other.

        DevOps Release Manager – the release manager or product stability manager aims to improve the efficiency of code deployment, focusing on the more technical elements of project management. They will have a hand in the entire software delivery cycle, including planning, coordination, integration and deployment. They aim to apply automation to its fullest capability where possible, to reduce downtime and customer impact, as well as try to squeeze the most out of the staging environment to improve the success rate of a release.

        DevOps Lead Engineer – a DevOps lead engineer will have a hand within the deployment and testing of code and data for integrated or continuous deployment frameworks as well as the training of junior DevOps staff.

        DevOps Engineer – a DevOps engineer uses tools that automates development, testing, and integration of software deployment/upgrades. Automation experts usually analyse, design, and implement strategies for continuous deployments.

        DevOps Security Engineer – security DevOps engineers respond to incidents as they arise and develop detection techniques, handle security and compliance requests, liaise with the development team to test and then provide feedback on projects.

        DevOps Career Path

        Junior / Graduate DevOps Engineer – As DevOps is a multi-faceted and relatively new area, it is not hard to get in at the ground level if you have excellent knowledge of coding. There are several qualifications and certifications you can take in order to fast track your DevOps career. These include: AWS Certified DevOps Engineering, RHCA certification with a DevOps, and the Docker Certifications Associate Exam.

        Senior DevOps Engineer – With an impressive CV with 4+ years’ experience and an impressive portfolio, a DevOps engineer can expect to be promoted to a senior role.

        Salary Expectations for DevOps Engineers

        Junior / Graduate DevOps Engineer – between £25-30k

        Experienced DevOps Engineers – between £50-90k

        Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer – £70k upwards

        • DevOps Engineer

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