We understand your challenges

        Our Agency Service is how Venture Up started. Its perfect if you are looking for support on individual roles or niche skill-set hires or if you need a partner you can engage with on a flexible basis to support on long term recruitment goals.

        We have literally decades worth of experience partnering with awesome tech driven companies across Europe and the States. The result is that we understand the challenges you face:

        Interviewing takes time

        You need to know you are speaking to people who have been carefully vetted for your specific needs.


        You want more than just tech skills

        You don’t want to waste time speaking to people who do not share the same values as you and won’t fit your internal culture.


        You need people now

        You need a supply of talent, rapidly, so you can scale your team quickly whilst focussing on your own deliverables.


        You may want support & advice

        You want to deal with experts who can provide market information and advice to help you secure the people you need ahead of competition.


        We solve these problems at Venture Up: Our team is made up of only experienced experts who can provide you consultative advice, and have a genuine passion for all things tech. They work closely with you to understand not only your tech requirements, but cultural fit and they will use their networks and knowledge to deliver the right talent quickly.

        The result: time saved & rapid scaling!

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        How we Engage with our clients

        At Venture Up we have a careful process to working with clients, new and old. It is simple but an effective way of ensuring we deliver the best service to you! The result of our approach is that we have worked with many of our clients for years – we have become an extension of their recruitment & business and a trusted source of talent and advice.

        Before working on any role, we have calls with the hiring managers and talent team to understand your technical AND cultural needs. We go beyond the brief to ensure that people will integrate seamlessly with your existing team

        We take the detailed brief and develop a long list from our network, before whittling this down to a shortlist. The shortlist is a curated section of people we have screened to meet or exceed your requirements.

        Hopefully we have got it right the first time! But this isn’t always the case. We use your feedback on the initial pool of candidates to tighten up our search, and ensure we are getting closer and closer to your brief.

        We know you’ll want to work with us for our access to industry leading talent, but we are there to provide support and advice on a range of recruitment related topics; from salary surveys and market feasibility studies, through to interview process reviews, we’re there to provide the support you need to nail your talent acquisition strategy.

        We could jazz it up

        but ultimately, at Venture Up you benefit from our expertise, our market knowledge and our honest ability when it comes to driving your recruitment process (and your business) forward.

        Scale up your talent