We connect Tech Driven Companies with the best talent

        We’re passionate about working with ambitious tech driven companies to help them scale. That’s a bold statement but rest assured, it’s more than simply finding you CV’s that gets us out of bed every day.

        We are laser focussed on finding the right people to join your company or team. Those who not only have the job skills you need but who also share the same values and will fit into your culture! Whether you are a start-up, established tech business or Enterprise level organisation, we know recruiting into your team can be a challenge. That empty seat is costing you and you struggle for time when it comes to recruiting – let Venture Up live up to your expectations to find the right match.


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        Flexible Recruitment

        At Venture Up we offer both an Agency and Embedded Talent Solution. This means that we can flex our support and services constantly and rapidly around what your needs are. We understand the relationship you need with us will change and evolve (often monthly!) – by offering both services no matter where you are in your growth and journey we can support you!

        So what service is best for you? This will vary and is unique to every situation. But generally we find our Agency service is perfect if you either need support on either a few specialist roles, or if you need long term support on hiring a manageable number of roles. Our agency provides the services of expert consultants to support you.

        But if you are experiencing a sudden surge of hiring and need support not only to source talent but to manage them through the process, our Embedded Talent Solution is designed for this. Partners that have used this service have included VC backed companies who have a sudden injection of funding and need to hire a huge number of people in a short time frame! Our specialise consultant come onsite (physically or remotely) to manage and run the whole recruitment process, so you can focus on scaling.

        Agency Recruitment

        You have the technology; we have the talent. Let us bridge the gap and connect you with ambitious, capable candidates. If you’re looking to build a relationship with a transparent, responsible and specialist tech, design and product recruitment agency, then let’s meet up.

        1. Fixed fee recruitment, on a contingency basis
        2. Ideally suited for c-suite or niche positions, or if you have a clear and consistent hiring plan spread over the medium to long term
        3. Deliver candidates on a role-by-role basis
        4. On tap advice and support


        Our agency service

        Embedded Talent Solution

        We provide recruitment process outsourcing, helping cut the cost and time to hire. Whether we’re in-house with you or working remotely, we act as an extension of you to offer a plug and play hiring solution, finding the perfect candidates to contribute to your business.

        1. Take full ownership of the end-to-end recruitment function for all vacancies
        2. Rolling weekly contract at a fixed cost
        3. Turn the service on and off to meet the changing hiring requirements
        4. Full review of current internal processes & provide ongoing consultation on recruitment strategy


        Our embedded service

        Why do our clients choose to work with us?


        We have built a highly experienced team of consultants with a combined 30 years experience. You will be dealing with experts who will find them the best talent, ahead of competitors.

        Added value

        We not only provide the best talent for our partners but also help them to mould cutting-edge strategies to attract the best people, and can help with market intel and feasibility studies along with in-depth salary research.

        Service built on trust

        We are a value driven business, with transparency and honesty at the heart of how we work. Our partners trust us implicitly to advise & support in a transparent and constructive manner.

        We hire on culture

        We understand finding people with the same Values as your business is crucial. Screening talent on culture fit is therefore as important in our recruitment process as analysing people skills for the role.

        We work hard to understand the values your business has and the sort of people who will thrive in your internal environment. And we use this knowledge to develop a recruitment campaign to find talent who share them.

        The result is that you will know that the shortlists we present you will contain people who not only have the job skills but also who will thrive in your business. You don’t waste time interviewing people who are wrong for your business, and you can hire the right talent rapidly!

        Our people are what makes us awesome

        With over 20 years of working in the tech space, we know the challenges you face. Whether that’s the opportunity cost of having an empty seat or justifying the VC funding you’ve secured, or just balancing the time involved in hiring with actually doing your day job.

        Each member of the Venture Up team is an experienced consultant with proven track records delivering to leading tech driven companies. Working with our team means you know you will be working with an expert. You’ll find the Venture Up team are responsive, inquisitive, reliable and, most importantly, effective in getting results.

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          Hey Siri, what do our clients say about us?

          “Venture Up provided an excellent service as our recruitment team went through a challenging period of expansion in the company. They provided a high level of service and professionalism and outperformed every other agency on our PSL. I would happily recommend them to any company looking to grow their tech teams.”

          Senior Talent Acquisition, Fintech

          “Having heard the horrors of working with agencies I was sceptical at first when I heard of Venture Up when working at ClearScore. That scepticism was all blown away after meeting Jake and Burim. They are head and shoulders above any other agency I have ever worked with. Usually we hear the saying that agencies are only after making money, but this is not the case for Venture Up. They took the time and effort to ensure the best candidate and interviewer experience. I would happily and gladly work/recommend anyone to work with them.”

          Talent Acquisition, Fintech

          “I have worked with Venture Up for many years in which time they have placed a much higher proportion of excellent quality candidates than his competitors. They have always been on top of their game, know the industry well and perseveres in a difficult market”

          HR Director, Financial services

          “I’ve known Venture Up for a number of years. They are very professional and efficient in helping us with our positions which are quite difficult to fill. They constantly produce many credible and qualified candidates from which we were able to find very good matches to our requirements. The team are personable and have always been dedicated to the task at hand. I recommend Venture Up’s services to any organisation that wants efficient and very effective recruitment services.”

          CEO and Founder, Betting Tech

          “I’ve worked with Venture Up for over 5 years now and they have always worked hard to understand our needs technically and culturally. There are many other agencies that would love to work with us, but we have consistently used the team at Venture Up as they have always delivered on our requirements where others have failed.”

          CTO, e-commerce tech company

          “Venture Up has been recruiting for us for many years now and has consistently provided us a strong selection of candidates to choose from that matched our requirements very well. They have been incredibly efficient in finding candidates and has ensured our roles are filled in good time. The Venture Up team has always made sure communication has been excellent, we are always kept well informed and they is always there if we need to speak to them. We thoroughly enjoy working with the Venture Up team – they make the hiring process more fun and enjoyable and would recommend their services.”

          Talent Acquisition Manager, E-Gaming company