Why are we asking for consent

        At Venture Up we place great importance on our relationship with our users and we want to ensure that you fully understand why and how we collect and use your personal information in order to help you with your career search.

        To this end we have published a detailed breakdown of our approach to your personal data including why we need it and how you can manage your data.

        Finally, we need you to confirm that you give us consent to continue storing your personal data, so that we can provide the services you signed up for. This is a legal requirement as well as something we care a great deal about, so we ask that you read this statement carefully and make an informed decision based on the facts we have supplied.

        If you are happy for us to continue to provide our great services to you and have already read the details below, you can give your consent at the top of this page.

        What is our GDPR policy ?

        You can find full details of our GDPR policy on our privacy page, along with details of how to request removal of your data, etc.