It started with a simple intention

Create purposeful relationships to help companies build great tech teams.

It’s not just about technology recruitment though. We are passionate about supporting growing, vibrant companies who are disrupting their marketplace. We’ve worked with tech, design and product development roles and more beyond that, we know what it’s like to look for your next role or hire into your team.

Combining that expertise and 20 years of knowledge created Venture Up… and we haven’t looked back. We won’t stop upping our game or venturing out into new territories – we’re sure you’ll agree, there is always something exciting going on in our sector.

Meet the Venture Up Team

Why choose Venture Up

We are honest

Transparency and straight-talking work best for everyone

We are proud

Making a difference in the world of tech gives us a buzz everyday

We are flexible

Permanent placements, contract roles or an embedded talent solution, we’ve got you covered

We connect

Knowing market trends - speaking from experience it helps us serve you better

We listen

Your goals, your motivations – we get to know you first

We deliver

Driving the process forward and enabling growth is why we come to work

We work wherever you work


We’re based in London but it’s not a capital bubble - Venture Up works with companies UK-wide to fulfil their technology recruitment needs


Home of the brave, the US is entrepreneurial when it comes to IT and tech. Whether you’re relocating to or from the US, or recruiting into your business, talk to us about your tech hiring needs


It’s fair to say, ‘We love EU’. There is an enormous amount of tech talent and tech focussed businesses across Europe and we are well placed to support this

The Venture Up story

When Venture Up was still in the conceptual stages, we were clear about one thing. We wanted to build a new type of recruitment business; one that was focused on quality of service and long-term relationships that truly add value.

We had worked at traditional recruitment agencies before, where the focus was on KPIs, quantity and a transactional approach to candidate and client relationships. That didn’t fit with us and we were sure it wouldn’t fit with the clients we wanted to serve.

Real partnerships, the best customer service and a focus on quality are at our core. We knew the relationships we created at Venture Up would be long term. Everything we do is underpinned by complete transparency and honesty in our dealings with people.

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