Resting On Top Of The Mountain

We’re specialists in tech, we know the market.
We work with companies of all size and shape, from small start-up’s to multinational industry leaders. We will help connect you to the right company for you so you can achieve your goals.

We love helping people make their next step.
It’s the best bit, to help people find their dream job and make a genuine difference to their lives. It’s what we strive to achieve, and we will give it our all to get it for you!

We will help elevate your career, it’s why we’re called Venture Up!
We are here not just to get you a new job, but to get you the right one which you are passionate about. It’s why people work with us, and we take pride in that.

We will give you complete honesty and transparency.
It’s why we have been successful, because every step of the way you will know exactly where you are. No BS, just a straight and honest service.

We treat you as a person, not a number.
It’s what makes our job fun, getting to speak to people! We will work hard to understand exactly what you want from your next step. A job is not life or death, but it’s important and we want you to be happy.

We will go the extra mile for you.
Whether we can get you the job of your dreams or not, we will do everything to help. Need some CV advice, we’ll help you! Unsure about market conditions or what you’re worth in an upcoming salary review, give us a call!

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