Resting On Top Of The Mountain

Venture Up was founded because we thought we could bring our extensive experience in the tech recruitment sector to actually help both companies and people move forward and achieve their goals.

It’s why we do what we do, and it’s why we love what we do. Together we have over 15 years experience in recruiting for tech positions, from graduate to CTO level, for all types of companies, from start up to multinational and everything in between, and across the world.

We focus on tech specifically.

It’s all we do, so this means we have built an unrivalled knowledge of the market place. So if you need a tech role filling, or are looking for your next career move, we will know what to do to help you achieve that.

We know recruitment inside and out.

We’ve done it for a combined 15 years, and work hard to constantly innovate to give the best quality service. Advertising campaigns, headhunting, networking, social media; we do it all and we do it well. What’s more, if you want a role filled, we will use every single avenue to get you the right person.

It’s not just what we do though, it’s how we do it.
It’s what sets us apart. We love what we do, we work hard, and we give the best quality service to both clients and to job hunters.

And we do it the right way!
We treat people how we would want to be treated. Honesty, transparency, commitment, that’s what we offer to everyone we work with, whoever you are and wherever you are. It’s why we have been so successful, it’s why we work repeatedly with the same clients and candidates. They know we will do the best job for them, and do it the right way, the Venture Up way!

Plus we have fun doing it!
We enjoy what we do, which means we bring enthusiasm to it. We will work our behinds off to make sure you achieve your goals and aims, but we will do so with a smile on our face. It makes the whole process easier for you, and a bit more fun!

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